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DDNUG Officers

DDNUG Officers
 Name  Role  Email
 D. Omar Villarreal  President  president@ddnug.net
 Randy Jones  Treasurer  treasurer@ddnug.net
   Sponsorships Director  sponsors@ddnug.net
 Abraham Saldaña  Director of Speakers  speakers@ddnug.net


The Dallas .NET User's Group divides work for daily operations amongst various roles. These roles include the following:

  • President: The president presides over the monthly meetings.  This individual is in charge of general leadership, direction and overall operations of the user's group.  In the absense of one of the other roles, the president assumes responsibility for the missing role.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer manages the finances for the user's group. This includes the income from meeting sponsorship and job postings and expenses such as food and drink. Unless other arrangements are made, this individual is also in charge of ordering and paying for the food, maintaining resources such and cups and plates, and beverages.
  • Director of Sponsorship: Sponsor Relations works with businesses to obtain funding for user's group meetings. They will solicit sponsors, maintain a sponsorship schedule and answer questions and answers from sponsors. In addition, the Job Postings section of the web site and newsletter is under the guidance of this individual.
  • Director of Membership: Member Relations is in charge of the health and well being of the DDNUG membership. This role is in charge of general questions and answers from members. In addition, this role is expected to manage the monthly newsletter and may periodically solicit member feedback through surveys.
  • Director of Presentations:  The presentation coordinator is responsible for soliciting and scheduling monthly speakers for the user's group. They will receive feedback directly the user base and the director of membership to drive the direction of our presentations.
  • Director of Special Projects: Periodically, DDNUG will embark on special projects.  These will typically involve but are not limited to custom development in support of basic user's group operations. The projects coordinator will solicit and work with volunteers or vendors to ensure successful delivery of projects.

These roles and responsibilities are subject to change without notice but will be agreed upon by all individuals acting in those roles.

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