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a big THANK YOU!!

Sunday May 3rd, 2009.


I would like to thank everyone who has contributed with my participation in the Bike MS event, a 2-day/150-mile fundraising bicycle ride, I want to thank those who made me aware of the event, those who have contributed with my fundraising for the National MS Society, and John Burns for being my training partner and for waiting for me at training rides and the day of the event as well as all volunteers and sponsors for making it possible. 


Here is an update for everyone:


The second day of the event was cancelled for everyone's safety based on the weather forecast, but I pedaled for 83.33 miles (according to my bike's computer) on day 1 and it really was the most rewarding and unforgettable journey that I have experienced. I did get about 15 minutes of pouring rain right before and right after the FInish Line and it felt great. Team Notion took off at about 7:30 AM, Chris and Trent finished before it started raining, at about 1:30 PM (they cheated, they did not stop for lunch), John got there at about 2:05 and I got there at 2:15 PM. That made me feel really good, my expectations were that I was not going to see the finish line until 3:30 or 4:00 PM. The longest I had been on my bike for was 52 miles. a week before the event and had been pushing my limits that day so I prepared myself mentally all week to not feel bad about getting on one of the sag wagons when I got tired. But riding along all those awesome people, passing a few of them and then seeing them pass me again a few minutes later (over and over) was very motivating. Feeling strong and with energy at some of the rest stops was very motivating and fulfilling as well, I skipped some of the rest stops. Today, I feel very good, after sleeping 11.5 hours I am sure I could have gone for day 2, I will find out next time.


Here is a picture John and I got taken at the last rest stop (mile 71 I think), it was sponsored by Frito Lay:

MS150_Last rest stop_Chester.jpg


Again, I want to thank everyone who has made a donation to my ride, I have not yet met my goal so please feel free to help me out with your donation to the National MS Society [ it is tax deductible! :-) ], at the time of this writing I only need $140 Dollars to meet my goal.


D. Omar Villarreal

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